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FaKruTu: The Dakar Edition

FaKruTu is a trio with a wide musical interest, jazz, hiphop, electronice and African music.

In the dakar Edition they seek collaboration with muscicians from Senegal. West-Africa

The Fulani singer Omar Ka, the Griot kora-player Bao Sissoko, the percussion master Oke Sene, the singer Mola Sylla, they all work together with FaKruTu in different setups and create uplifting, deep soulful music and liveshows

Mola Sylla foto.jpg

Mola Sylla

Omar Ka.jpg

Omar Ka

About: About
Bao Sissoko.jpg
Oke Sene.jpg

Bao Sissoko

Oke Sene

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