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FaKruTu: The Dakar Edition

FaKruTu is a trio with a wide musical interest, jazz, hiphop, electronic and African music.

In the DakaR Edition they seek collaboration with musicians from Senegal, West-Africa

Singer Mola Sylla, Fulani singer Omar Ka, Griot kora-player Bao Sissoko, percussion master Oke Sene, , they all work together with FaKruTu in different setups and create uplifting, deep soulful music and liveshows

Mola Sylla foto.jpg

Mola Sylla

Omar Ka.jpg

Omar Ka

About: About
Bao Sissoko.jpg
Oke Sene.jpg

Bao Sissoko

Oke Sene

Bookings/info +31 6 4390 7343

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